Why Us

Our key differentiator is our ability to continually innovate and specialise with new product offerings and existing product improvements.  We attempt to have the full range of skill-sets under our ownership and control so as to provide a 'one stop shop' for our clients. Our people are problem solvers and our business heavily invests in their training and development to achieve this. Our recent multi-million Euro investment in our IT workflow system provides the appropriate platform for this strategy. Together with significant investments in field mobility solutions, this allows us to configure our activities so as to carve out a unique offering in the market place.  

Skills and Services Offered


To get the right claim outcome, we have designed specific business units, resourced and skilled to respond when a client asks us to provide claims adjusting support and advice to their customer.

Reserve Accuracy & Rigour

Reserve Accuracy

Whilst accuracy of reserving and CAT loss management are the most frequently quoted major threats, we see financial risk resting under the headings of fraud detection, major loss exposure, risk management / feedback, recoveries and the proper allocation of specialist services. 

Cost & Indemnity Spend Control

Spend Control

The constant challenge is to be ever more efficient at a reduced cost.  To address that key requirement, we have divided our business into strategic business units.  

This allows each business unit to focus on a particular customer need, whilst at the same time allowing the overall central management to direct and ensure that there is a seamless approach for the customer. 


Training 2

Thornton & Partners is seriously committed to corporate governance and maintaining the trust of our investors and other stakeholders, including our employees, clients and vendors. 

We also know that good corporate governance is vital to meeting our performance goals by ensuring that our governing processes run smoothly and efficiently, that fair and reasoned debate ensues on all significant corporate issues, and that we are prepared to adequately and timely meet the challenges and opportunities posed in our corporate environment. 



An Executive team is tasked with continuous review and evaluation of our adherence to compliance and regulatory requirements. They are supported by a strongly resourced Internal Audit team. …

Advanced Technology


Our claims handling system “ClaimWise" provides us with visibility, management and end-to-end control of the entire claims lifecycle. In 2013 we added an iPad-based field solution “FieldWise” which again we have designed and built to be market-leading in terms of real time claims data collection in the field. …

Training & Acreditation


Our employees work towards individualised training programmes that match our corporate objectives in the areas of skills and competency requirements. All customer facing staff providing advice to customers have attained the Minimum Competency Requirements set down by the Central Bank of Ireland.

Complaints Process


Our complaints handling resource and process has been specifically designed to comply with the Consumer Protection Code, in terms of recording, response timelines, and resolution.

However, we regard the legal and statutory framework as a minimum, which we strive to surpass. …

Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

At Thornton & Partners, our Corporate Social Responsibility is an outward facing reflection of how we do business with our clients, their customers, our staff, brokers and other market stakeholders. …

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