Surge Response


The key challenge with any surge, is to be able to provide a consistent and compliant response over a localised or national geographic area, without loss of cost containment or control. In addition, the need for real-time management information and data updates, as well as accurate reserving demand a response from a business with substantial nationwide resources at its disposal.

Our surge response skillsets include significant planning capability, in the form of a surge response document tailored to meet each key event. A centralised emergency team, under the control of a main board director, directs strategy from Head Office, whilst a second operations director directs on-the-ground response. Our Fineos workflow system provides us with the database, information and controls which enable us manage our response on a real time basis. Data feeds from our adjusters responding on the ground, ensure that our clients receive an accurate picture of their exposure.

The tracking of costs, benchmarking of reserves, and analysis of trends by value, location, and complexity, all contribute to a superior response.

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